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08 May 2010 @ 09:42 am

» name: Fireez
» age: 32
» location: Germany

» when did you first get into watchmen?: A few months before the movie hit the theatres. A LJ friend of mine posted the trailer along with a bit of squee over the GN, and since the trailer was shiny and said friend has good taste, I decided to check out the GN. I was instantly hooked, reading it at home, at the dentist's, at work during lunch break, at work not during lunch break... as I said, I was hooked.
» favorite character(s): Adrian
» Why? For the same reason I love the story so much - he presents the reader with interesting moral dilemmas. Also, I like characters whose alignment isn't all that obvious. I don't see him as a villain. I think he is essentially a good person with firm ethical beliefs, and that it is because of those beliefs (and not because of the lack of them) that he chooses to do it. And that makes him such a fascinating fictional example of something I think everybody has encountered in real life - someone who, through firm conviction and good intentions, still manages to cause pain to others. Think "I was only doing this for your own good". Only that in Adrian's case, the dimension is a lot larger than is usually the case.

Mind you, I don't see him as the hero, either. Despite claims of him being the smartest man in the world, Adrian is still a flawed human being whose view of the world and the people around him is tinted by his own preconceptions, emotions and psychological issues, of which he probably has something like a whole library's worth. You can't grow up like he did and come out of it entirely normal and well-adjusted. Although, of course, some of the things he tells other people don't necessarily have to be true - I see him as the kind of person who has one face he shows to the public, and another, possibly radically different one he keeps to himself. The man's too good at PR to be telling the truth the whole time.

And then there's the fact that I just like smart, cultured, driven and slightly tragic characters.

» Tell us about your favorite pairing(s). What's the appeal? What makes them tick? I'm a shameless OzyCom fangirl, mostly because it's pretty clear that no, they don't love each other, and probably never will. They're both dangerous men, each in their own way, and there's always the question of if they're going to fuck each other, or fuck each other up. Of course, they can also do both at the same time, which makes it even more interesting.

» graphic novel or film?: Both. The GN has more background material, depth and a (somewhat camp) tentacle monster. The film has nice action scenes, eye candy and Richard Nixon's nose.
» if you chose film you better have a damn good reason: Why?

Show us your work!

It's all here at my writing journal. Personal favourites are:
Arachnophobia - gen, cracky. Adrian is afraid of spiders.
Come on Closer - NC-17, PWP. Adrian/Eddie, fucking each other (up).
A kiss with a fist - R. Adrian/Eddie, violence and sex.
Odd Jobs - gen. Just how the hell did Adrian finance his travels if he gave away all of his money?
The Doomsday Book, as written by A. Veidt (Part I and Part II) - gen. The squid has some unintended and terrible consequences.
No excuse - gen, Minutemen. HJ's political views don't sit well with Ursula.
A day at the fair - Dan/Ror, Laurie/Jon, Adrian/Eddie, PG. Fluff. The Crimebusters spend a day at the fun fair.
fireez on May 14th, 2010 04:33 pm (UTC)
The real reason Adrian built his fortress in the Antarctic is that it's the only continent without spiders ;).

tiamariaanactoria on May 14th, 2010 07:10 pm (UTC)
I'm sure shoggoths are a small price to pay. ;)