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02 May 2010 @ 11:39 pm
Fanfic: Flipside  
Title: Flipside
Author: quietprofanity
Fandom: Watchmen
Pairing: Nite Owl II/Rorschach
Disclaimer: Characters are not mine and are used for non-profit purposes.
Warnings: Explicit m/m sex. Disturbing imagery/themes.
Summary: When the relationship between Daniel and Rorschach turns sexual, it sparks a change in Rorschach’s once-repressed personality. Unfortunately, Rorschach doesn’t find it to be a change for the better.

Author’s Note: Yeah, I don’t know. I’m fucking with the established fanon formula a bit FOR SCIENCE. I hope it works.

Also, if you like this, you owe mad props to sandoz_iscariot, who wanted this story real bad.


(He has no one to blame but himself.)