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26 April 2010 @ 08:16 pm
Big fic dump  
Big fic update. All cuts fake, all crossposted.

One Sexyfic:

Title: Slip Your Skin
Summary/Notes: Shedding skins, we lose our fit, become loose and formless things. NC-17, Rorschach, solo. Mostly vague but explicit in one spot.
( He stumbles to his cot, making far too much noise. )

Three Zombiefics:

Title: Perspectives
Summary/Notes: “Set out from any point. They are all alike. They all lead to a point of departure.” The Zombie Apocalypse, from other points of view. Mostly OCs, PG-13 for language. Same chronology as Now, as Before.
( He can’t help these people, even if he weren’t rooted to the spot by misery and fear and shock. )

Title: All Souls
Summary/Notes: Is death an end or just a middle? Is the middle a good place to be? November 2, 1975. Dan/Ror, PG. My help_haiti fic.
( Their current mark is, to all reports, a superstitious man. It's possible it's rubbing off on him. )

Title: Salty/Sweet
Summary/Notes: Simple needs are often the hardest to satisfy, or: Bacon Cupcakes FTW. Dan/Ror, PG. Fluff and Rorschach being a slob. Written for the Rorschach birthday thread.
( He’s found that when Daniel gets nosy and insistent like this, ignoring him flat-out works best. )

One crossover:

Title: Unfinished Business (Dead Like Me crossover)
Summary/Notes: There are reasons for many things, and here is one: why Dan had to follow Rorschach out into the snows of Antarctica. Dan/Ror, PG.
( Daniel still reaches to straighten the old Minutemen portrait with the reverence of someone saying goodbye. )

One AU-Mashup:

Title: Something From Nothing (Void!schach AU + canon)
Summary/Notes: Dan finds some of the most impossible things in his kitchen. AU Dan, canon Rorschach. PG-13, language.
( He stumbles out of bed and through the door and down the stairs, still unsure of his balance with only one hand to run on the banister. )
etheratietherati on April 29th, 2010 05:58 pm (UTC)
I love that icon. <3

And thanks! His brokenness should not be such a turn on. :(